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Webflow Community Superpower Explained

Webflow Community Superpower Explained

Why does community matter? 

Webflow Developers, seasoned or otherwise, must actively partake in a relevant community. Because it's a dynamic field and learning never stops. An active and thriving Webflow community facilitates learning avenues from peers and experts.

Everything is possible within a community, from tracking bugs to building exciting projects together. The participants can share their code snippets to get an objective analysis and decipher technical flaws in the ongoing development projects. 

Hence, Webflow emphasizes community building to carve a trusted channel with all enthusiasts and developers, allowing them to share their learnings and challenges in an open and welcoming community. 

Empowering the Future Learners 

Webflow-Grants invests back $10 million funds to the community. 

The objective of Webflow grants is to encourage and support community-building efforts and help sustain educators in the community. It's possible to apply for grants or nominate other creators. There are three levels to the application process - 

  • Seed
  • Support 
  • Scale

These funds can help members to contribute to documentation or cover the expenses of qualifying events. These grants can also be used to educate new breeds of developers by hosting classes or creating educational videos. One can also use these funds to serve the under-represented group in development communities by internationalizing learning materials. 

Some early recipients include ADPList, Tech Junior, No Code community, etc., for their exceptional contributions to the Webflow community. 

Webflow Community Awards

Webflow has recognized active participants and honored them for their contribution to the community. For instance, they hand-picked some of their customers, partners, and community members, who leveraged Webflow for massive results. 

Customer Awards

These awards were given to recognize business websites ranging from microsites to full-fledged enterprise solution websites. The categories also covered aspects like Visual Aesthetics and Technical Achievement to acknowledge the diverse aspects of Webflow development. 

Community Awards:

The panel judges awarded creators that contributed to the community in an impactful manner. For instance, The Community Creator or Educator of the year identifies the individual contributions of the members for strengthening the Webflow development or learning process. Additionally, this category also covered the cloneable in technical and visual brackets. 

Agency Awards:

Agency awards were presented to agency partners across categories like agency of the year, Enterprise partner, or a new partner to acknowledge how Webflow agencies are vital to the Webflow community. 

Such recognition goes a long way in strengthening community spirit and a zeal for excellence. 

Webflow Marketplace: 


Webflow Libraries is currently in Beta mode. It's possible for anyone wishing to build on top of pre-designed powerful layouts to accelerate their development process. Each library comes with multiple customizable components that render an interactive prototype, wireframe, or a fully functional website for you to use. In short, Libraries are your key to unlocking plug-and-play with Webflow. 

Alternatively, adding a Library of your own or contributing to the existing libraries by joining the waitlist is possible.


Verified Apps in the marketplace to install and use for your web development project. The apps can enhance functionalities across all fronts, including content management, analytics, eCommerce, etc. 

Additionally, you can always opt to build custom-made apps for your websites. Webflow provides all resources handy for anyone wishing to bring their ideas to reality. 

Finally, requesting an app to be custom-built for you or developing an innovative app for others to use is possible. You will only have to fill up a simple form sharing your chosen app that you wish to integrate with Webflow to enable your desired functionality. 


Directory of Webflow-approved experts to hire and get hired for projects. These experts can help with migration, custom development, no-code apps, accessibility, etc. 

In addition, you can browse experts based on services offered, budget, location, etc., making it far easier to find a Webflow developer or agency. So, the Webflow marketplace is your go-to resource to find genuine Webflow talent instead of browsing tons of hiring sites with hundreds of irrelevant results. 


You can choose responsive templates for multiple uses, such as UI kits, blogs, portfolio websites, etc. These templates help accelerate the development process, whether you want to build a stunning membership site or a unique e-commerce store. In addition, it's easy to get spectacular designs for your project that cater to specific requirements like podcasts or finance institutions. 

Given that these templates are highly customizable, there's no risk of redundant designs, a problem evident in competitor solutions like WordPress. 

Users can check the preview and features to choose a suitable template. These templates are offered at a range of price points, and users can choose the one that serves their needs and budget. 

Made in Webflow

If you're looking for inspiration from fellow creators, Made in Webflow is the right place. You can browse cloneable, which you can copy for further use and customization. There are hundreds of cloneable options available.

You can easily filter and sort the results to view complete websites or certain aspects of development like interactions or animations. It's also possible to nominate your own sites and portfolios on Made in Webflow page


Webflow values community. For instance, many members grieved that they couldn't leave comments for Made in Webflow components. Hence, the Webflow team is working to bring back the comments as it was previously available with Showcase. 

Such determination towards incorporating user feedback has been at the core of the Webflow ecosystem. And this is the primary reason why Webflow is what it is today. 

Are you looking for a team for your Webflow development projects to a professional agency? Let's get in touch, and we'll help you figure out your web development challenges.

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