Culture @ Workshore

Webflow developers, designers and business experts using strategic solutions to launch and grow your project.


The Workshore Way

Our headquarters is in Goa.
Our talent is spread across India. 

Our collaborators and clients hail from across the world.

We work on global business challenges, which means every team member has international experience. We work across time zones which means our work timings are inherently flexible. We work without hierarchies which means things progress on merit without bottlenecks.

What you’ll find within Workshore: Friendly banter, collaboration, steady growth, ownership of work, and a hunger to learn.

What you won’t: Micro-managing, closed minds, and bad vibes.


Why You’ll Love Working With Us

We value our values

For us, these are not empty words to fill up a website. From inclusion to fun, we're deeply culture-driven.

Perks. Many perks

Apart from working in beautiful Goa, we offer our employees a whole range of professional and personal benefits.

The payscale

Our business focus ensures that we can pay good people what they deserve, so that we can do even better work.

Work-life balance

Work is our love, but it isn’t our life. We actively structure our work-days to end on time, enjoy our weekends, and get the time off that we need, want and deserve.

Sponsored education

If you want to learn more and upskill, we’re here for it. We’ll sponsor your online courses and tutorials, and if there’s an IRL in-depth course you’d like to attend, let’s discuss sabbaticals and scholarships.

Open environment

We're fiercely proud of a culture where there's no hierarchy and people take ownership of their work.