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Workshore Year in Review - 2022

Workshore Year in Review - 2022


Time flies by. It feels like yesterday when we started the year all charged up to prove our mettle and take our web development agency to the next level. Thanks to our illustrious clients and steadfast efforts, we could make 2022 a memorable stint. 

Year in a nutshell 

We traded Traditional IT services (coding from scratch and juggling with multiple tech stacks) for no code. We transformed into a full-service Webflow development agency. We began offering revenue-generating, no-code websites with all the jazz, elite animation, smooth UX, and high-end performance. 

2022 also marks the year when we became a professional partner agency with Webflow. A milestone that we aspired to achieve when we set sail earlier this year. 

We developed 100+ Webflow websites this year spurring our growth along the way, with 10X better search rankings and 100% empowerment to the marketing team. 

We were laser-focused on Webflow, and hence we could grow in that arena.  All this wouldn't be possible but for our team. 

We thank our wonderful team at Workshore. A bunch of web design, development, and marketing geeks joined us, multiplying our expertise manifold ( adding 30 years of combined experience). This team expansion led to innovative approaches brought to the table by our talented teammates. 

2022 was a success partly because of our team's efforts but also because our clients trusted us with their business and reputation. We are more than grateful for the exciting opportunities our clients presented us with.  

A company's success directly correlates with the success of its clients. Our clients had a remarkable year, with many seeing growth of 200%, fueled by well-optimized, high-performing websites. We're glad that our websites contributed to their business success.

Closing Remark 

We look forward to having our esteemed clients and hard-working teammates on the journey forward. We are in full gear for the year ahead. 

Are you facing any bumps? Let's talk! 

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