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Workshore Added Three New Devs, We’re Expanding

Workshore Added Three New Devs, We’re Expanding


All companies need competent and committed employees to serve their clients and stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, Workshore pays special attention to hiring the right fit to grow with the team. 

Recently, we added three new teammates to the development team and got them talking about their overall experience with the team so far. So here are some lighthearted and candid moments from the Workshore office straight up to your screen. 

Introducing to you Hari, Surya, and Sai


Hari was a self-reliant freelance web developer before joining Workshore. He instantly fell for the magic of Webflow and decided to give it a shot. 

A hard-core computer engineer, he recharges his reserves with music. He enjoys singing, creating music, and giving music production lessons. Listen to his playlist here.

He has a special knack for building clean Webflow builds based on designs in record time. In addition, he loves the collaborative and fun spirit at Workshore. Despite being part of a hybrid team, everyone is willing to help each other, and everyone can laugh at silly jokes. 

He especially likes that he can work remotely and still give his best shot at work and bond with his team. In addition, he's pretty happy that his role involves transforming designs to Webflow build. 

While admittedly, he's not a big cat meme fan. However, one thing that excites him is the future of no-code. In his words - "Not all no-code tools are as exciting as Webflow. However, I think Webflow will soon become the standard for website building, and 100% of all websites worldwide will use Webflow. Only some more WordPress headaches left, lol."

We can't wait to eliminate headaches too!


Surya transformed himself from a shy student struggling with his grades to having a notable streak in entrepreneurship. He credits his physics teacher Mr. RK for inspiring and introducing him to the tech legend Steve Jobs, a significant influence on his life. 

He didn't lose his morale on failing to crack JEE or his college canceling his registration for no fault. After returning to college, he tried all sorts of extra-curricular activities, youtube, and coding some novel apps. Surya learned a lot from designing to marketing while he founded and ran Dropypie, his web development agency.

Surya particularly enjoys working with the team at Workshore. He says, " The most fun and interesting thing about working at Workshore has been the people. It's been great to see how the company values and fosters a positive culture, making it a really enjoyable workplace."

He believes his biggest team contribution is adaptability and critical thinking. He enjoys flexing his creative muscles for the task at hand and finds work satisfaction when he knows a great website will serve the client well. 

Look at his favorite hilarious cat meme for a good laugh. He believes no-code tools like Webflow have democratized software development, and indeed, Webflow will dominate the development stage soon.


A lot many people were busy on an eat-sleep-repeat loop during the lockdown. But, our guy Sai utilized this free time to teach himself coding. He's a self-taught designer and Webflow developer. He had a brief stint as a freelancer, followed by a non-technical job before he joined Workshore. 

He enjoys new challenges and learning new things as part of his role in Workshore. Owing to this learning spirit, he has tried his hands on many development aspects like Figma designing, creating Lottie animations, and creating 3-D objects in Spline. Quite an all-rounder, we'd say! 

We laughed hard while watching his favorite meme -

He seconds his other team members on the future of no-code. He finds Webflow a fantastic tool and believes at least 40-50% of web applications will be coded using no-code technologies. 

When asked about his favorite perk he enjoys while working for Workshore, he replied - "Access Webflow premium and working flexible working hours from home."

Access to Webflow premium - what else will a dev need? If you need some Webflow tutorials, we’ve covered you.


We are glad that young and experienced talent is keen to join Workshore and make an impact. More so, each one of our team members believes in the power of Webflow as much as we do - the foundation of all our endeavors. Our love for technology, dedication to excellence, and passion for creative collaboration unites us as a team. 

We have made some great additions to our team of reliable techies. And with enhanced skills and fire in our belly, we are keen on nailing your web application projects. 

We're only a call away. Let's discuss your next big thing.

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