July 5, 2021

Seven Sure-Shot Strategies to Build Effective Remote Teams


You can't Google it... when it comes to building a remote team

  1. Before you even begin recruiting, you need to identify the best candidate mindset and filter for it during the hiring process.
  2. Create smart schedules for best performance (everyone has different times when their performance is at peak, so keep it flexible, allow employees to create their own schedule, consider time-zone gaps while scheduling meetings.)
  3. Balance participation to ensure inclusion (include both introverts and extroverts, Engage in Virtual Team building activities, empathy, allow for language gaps)
  4. Prevent perceived (or actual) power imbalance amongst the geographically dispersed team (members based in one area should not feel that members (a larger number based in 1 city), have more power/influence)
  5. Empower your team by giving them autonomy
  6. Maintain consistent (Two-way communication) is the way to go (/ don't forget the power of two-way communication) clearly communicate your goals and expectations, take feedback from employees)
  7. Employ the right tools, technology and workflows for efficient collaboration

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