July 1, 2021

An Amazing Company Culture Is More Than Just Perks


When you hear the words "company culture," do you think of ping-pong tables or air hockey tables, pet-friendly offices, and unlimited vacation days? It's no secret that these perks are a great way to attract top talent and build employee engagement. But if that's your sole focus, you could be missing out on the bigger picture.

Strong company culture is the underpinning of any successful business. In fact, when it comes to things that matter at work, company culture is usually somewhere near the top of the list.

That is why, in this blog, we will tell you how you can build an amazing one at your organization.

But before we dig in, what exactly is organizational culture?

An organizational culture is an organizational attitude and atmosphere, which affects the way employees and customers behave. It is the attitude and behavior that emerges from a group of people working together over a period of time. Company culture can be described as the way things get done around here. It is the DNA of a business. It's the values, norms and unwritten rules that are unique to a company and its employees, and are directed by the vision and mission statements of the company. A company culture is not something you can see from the outside, but once you're inside a company, its culture becomes obvious. It can also be recognized by customers in a brand’s advertisements, social media and even how products are designed.

Why is a positive company culture important?

A positive corporate culture is meant to create a sense of trust, loyalty, respect, and accountability among employees. Having a good company culture is not only a huge asset for a business, it is the foundation of any business that wants to achieve success in the long-term. It is the glue that holds businesses together and can sometimes be more important than the actual product that you are selling.  

In fact, a strong company culture is one of the most important elements of a growing startup. It helps the company recruit better employees, retain the ones they have and it also helps the business grow. It's not enough for a company to have amazing products and services, it's also important to provide a sense of purpose and meaning to each employee. A good company culture can give your employees a good work-life balance which will reduce staff turnover and increase employee satisfaction, which in turn will increase employee morale, productivity, and loyalty to your brand. Ultimately, a strong company culture can have a huge impact on your bottom line as well.

How to build an amazing company culture that'll make your employees never want to quit?

Several surveys reveal that company culture is one of the top reasons why employees stay at a company. Now, a workplace culture can be shaped by a wide range of things, including a company's mission, values and history, the way people are treated, the types of personalities that thrive in the company and the way business is conducted. But what makes a strong company culture? When employees feel like they are part of a team that is working towards a common goal and they feel supported by the people around them, that is what keeps the company culture intact.

Today, there are thousands of articles listing what an “amazing” company culture looks like. Most of these articles are written by founders of startups that offer free lunches, nap rooms and happy hours once a month. But the truth is, every company culture is different. Some companies offer free lunches and happy hours. Others have a more relaxed approach to company culture. Some companies are really fun and relaxed. Some are more serious and focused. Each company has its own culture, and each culture has its own unique benefits and perks.

No matter what the approach, the purpose is to create a place where people love to work, to combine those office perks with culture such that it will turn them into brand ambassadors. A culture where people will be proud to work and show off their work to others. A culture of honesty and trust. A culture of respect. A culture of gratitude. A culture of fun and enjoyment. A culture of creation. A culture of trust.

Ultimately, an amazing company culture is the perfect balance between what you want your company to be and what your employees want it to be. 

We, at Workshore, take our company culture very seriously. There are six essential elements in our company culture, let's discuss them in detail to help you build a culture like that.

  • Core Values

A company’s culture is the set of core values, customs and traditions that define how its employees conduct themselves. A company’s culture is what sets it apart from its competitors – it’s that “something special” that makes customers choose it over others. That “something special” is often tied to core company values, which are a common theme in company culture. But what are company core values? Company values are the morals and ideals that give the business its direction. When a company has values, it means that the company is focused on something bigger than making a profit – it has a higher purpose. It’s something people can connect with. When a company is working towards a higher purpose, this is when it creates an amazing company culture.

At workshore, our core values are Integrity, Accountability and constantly working to provide the best Customer Experience.

  • Freedom and Autonomy

Most companies try to attract new talents by offering a great compensation package. But what really makes modern employees stay at a company and be happy? It’s not the salary that makes them stay. It’s not the office facilities, and it’s not the company perks. It’s freedom and autonomy. The more freedom employees have, the happier they are. The more autonomous they are, the better they perform and the more satisfied and happier employees are.  That’s why freedom and autonomy are so important for productive employee and healthy cultures.

We always thrive to create an environment where the employees can live the life they desire.

Apart from providing the basic employee benefits, like fair salaries, issuing paid leaves and vacation time, and flexible hours; the most attractive policy we have is our remote-work policy. Even before the pandemic, our employees were free to work for about 30 days every year, from anywhere they choose to work- whether it is from home or from any part of the world.

In fact, James, the CEO & Founder,  who loves to travel, always worked on-the-go. Vashika, our Director of Design, worked from a remote location.

We value employee health and everyone in our team values life beyond work. They also understand how work and life balance will actually help improve their quality of life and support and satisfy the life outside the office.

At The Workshore, the employees enjoy full autonomy, flexible hours, and are free to use their skills to create an impact. The employees who feel empowered by their teammates and their leaders give into their work fully and own their contribution. The employee recognition helps them understand their significance in the company and they give their best.

  • Mastery

Surveys show us that the millennial generation wants to work for a company that will help them achieve their professional goals, but also allow them to achieve personal growth. Because of this, millennials are more likely to look for a company that offers the opportunity to feel they are growing as a person. 

We care about our employees’ professional development for their benefit as much as for our own. We make sure that the employees are sharpening their existing skills and learning new ones in the workplace.

Often skilled employees feel the need to choose between a tough job and an impactful one. They think that developing difficult professional skills and creating a positive impact can never coexist together.

But we don’t think that.

We think that when you give people a chance to grow in their own field, the impact side will come naturally. In order to retain the employees, we regularly encourage them to sharpen their skills. We do that by matching their natural skills and strengths which will benefit the company.

Transparency and communication

A strong company culture is based on transparency and trust. No matter how great the company perks are, a company won't be able to build a strong culture without transparency. This is a subject that has been widely debated and studied. The main idea behind transparency is that it allows people to understand how a company works, what decisions are being made, and who makes those decisions.

At The Workshore, we believe that honesty and transparency is a key to creating a good company culture. The upper-level management holds monthly meetings with the entire company to discuss the goals and objectives that the company is trying to reach, as well as, provide performance feedback. Thus, we work to build an open transparent system throughout the company

Communication is an essential part of the company. The way your employees communicate with each other shows whether your company is a strong, unified team with a positive outlook, or if you are a group of uninspired workers who feel they don’t have a place in the company. Your company culture is also built upon the conversations that your employees have with one another in the office, whether they are in a meeting or just walking down the hall. That’s why a successful company culture is built on effective communication, and why communication becomes an essential element of your company culture.

We always aim to have an open communication with the employees and help them feel that their opinions matter. Each employee should feel that they are a valuable asset to the company. This way they can make a difference in the organization.

Working with the right people

The fundamental principle of creating a positive culture is to build a strong support system. If you want to build a successful business, you need to build a team of people with values who will work together to achieve their individual goals. A team that will push each other to be the best version of themselves every single day. That culture fit is very important and your hiring process should ensure that the employees you hire are committed to the successful future of business and are driven by the same goals as the rest of the team. You can’t just throw a bunch of cool perks at a team and expect them to work together. 

We hire the top engineers and professionals who are always excited to take up challenges. The open environment in the company of mentoring and collaboration motivates them to work and learn from others. The employees feel that when they are surrounded by passionate people they feel happy and enthusiastic.

Having an awesome workplace in this competitive world is crucial for the success of a company. And a great culture has very little to do with the common conception of a perks-oriented workplace.

Employees are eager to work for companies with a collaborative environment in which they are valued whether they are millennials, older workers or a combination of generations. They all generally search for similar things.

All these employees want their work to be fulfilling, want to be treated with respect, and work for a company they are proud of. To improve our company culture, we have created an environment where our employees and the company thrives. We continuously elevate the feeling of self-governance, freedom, and success for employees by uniting them through these shared values.

Is that a good enough motivation to work with us? We are always looking for aspiring talents to join us. Visit our career page to see where you can fit in.

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